We believe in a food system where the role and responsibility of everyone involved in the supply chain is communicated, understood and respected.We Deliver Taste connects Agriculture with Gastronomy, by developing products and services that promote innovation and direct interaction between food producers, businesses and consumers. Our aim is to connect the food chain by bringing more transparency on the processes involved in the production, distribution and appreciation of our food. This is the Taste of Transparency!

A taste and baking workshop, executed by We Deliver Taste using the finest ingredients of the Mediterranean. Prague, 17.10.2013. Powered by Glopolis at Vinograf.

The key questions remain: What future can we hope for, with just 7% of Europe’s farmers under the age of 35? What are the challenges for a young farmer today? How does the economic crisis affect our food security? And what is the impact of agriculture on our environment and the landscape?

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