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calypso (1) Calypso | Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Greece

Calypso is an exceptionally rare olive oil, made in small quantities from the indigenous olive variety of Makri in Northern  Greece. The producers cultivate their ancient trees following avant-garde cultivation methods that respect the structure   and the biology of the soils and local biodiversity. At the same time, they focus on the olive oil extraction process, in order to express the taste personality of the olive variety at its best, offering products of exceptional taste quality. We consult Calypso on brand and product development, while placing their products in quality markets across Europe.
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Villa_CatalfamoVilla Catalfamo, Italy

Villa Catalfamo is an organic farm in the region of Palermo, featuring a Mediterranean garden ecosystem with olive trees, citrus, cicas, prickly pears and pine trees. This hotspot of biodiversity overlooks one of the most stunning coasts of northern Sicily, extending to wide sand dunes reaching to the sea. We consult Villa Catalfamo for the development of innovative culinary concepts and products, biodiversity agriculture and agro-tourism.
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unnamedPalmira Beach Bar, Greece

Palmira is a beach gastro-bar located on Platys Gialos on the island of Sifnos, Greece. The bar is well known for its laid back atmosphere, offering ample access to the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. We consult Palmira for its menu development, integrating healthy juices and nutritious cold soups to beat the summer heat.
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GeoPark_TroodosTroodos Geopark, Cyprus
We consult the Development Agency of Troodos Mountains in Cyprus, for the valorisation of the biodiversity and cultural heritage of the region. The project involves the design and facilitation of educational activities and events, aiming to foster the development of knowledge-based food chains for top quality local products.
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Di_Che_Pasta_SiamoDi Che Pasta Siamo, Globally

Di Che Pasta Siamo is an itinerant project hosted by Boffi showrooms in various locations around the world. The aim of the   project is to merge the very best of Italian design with haute cuisine, by expressing and sharing the best values of industrial design and artisanal food knowledge. We consult Di Che Pasta Siamo on event communication and we are involved in the development of the concept in other countries outside Italy.
Visit website:, Czech Republic is a food delivery company with the fastest delivery time in Prague. They prepare their meals in their kitchen where chefs cook according to season and usual dining patterns of citizens in Prague. We Deliver Taste created a concept “food with story” (jídlo s příběhem) during which all the dishes are prepared using ingredients with given origin and story behind. By sharing these stories with the customers was able to increase the price of their meals by 30% and retain that level ever since. is a product of an IT company STRV and growing rapidly in number of orders as well as expanding to new cities.
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Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic

We Deliver Taste was asked by Technical University of Liberec to crate a series of presentations under the study course Aristology. From February to May 2015 we were able to deliver presentations on the topic of sustainable production and consumption of our food. We have combined these lectures with practical presentations by chefs, urban gardeners, food sharing activists, food movement founders and food bank representatives. In result students shared their knowledge in design and architecture by for example creating water bottle cover build for efficient transportation or dry food storage containers.
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